We are happy to invite you to a new Dancing stars School in Sussex !!!

We have always dreamed of a perfect place to dance. A place that would be more than a dance studio. Somewhere we could dance as much as we wanted. Be creative, laugh, work, relax and have fun. A place where anyone is welcome, and everyone is accepted. A place we could call home.
​We offer classes to the entire spectrum of dance students. 
Adult classes for beginners ,improvers, dance exam students and competitors,seniors! All are welcome to join our classes! What ever you enjoy more social dancing, to learn the steps, to have more energy, to be happy happy person! Have a laugh!Have a good fun! 
Kids from 3 years old and older to dance LATIN and BALLROOM program professionally! If you want to dance like in the TV show ¨Dancing with a Star¨ come and do it !
Our studio, which is a part of WDC (World Dance Council) !offers private and group classes for children from 3 years and older who want to dance Latin and Ballroom and improve their flexibility, coordination and posture while learning this incredible world of DANCE!!! We are teaching our pupils 10 different types of dances such as Samba, Cha cha cha, Tango, Waltz, Rumba, Viennese Waltz, Pasodoble, Jive, Quickstep and Foxtrot.
You have also a great opportunity to compete in championships! Join our dance "team" and enjoy your professional dancing!!!!

Welcome to Dancing stars in East Sussex!

Meet the founder and the main instructor of Dancing Stars School, Deimante Babenskaite!

Professional Ballroom Dancer
Latin and Ballroom dance qualified teacher
International adjudicator 

My name is Deimante Babenskaite, from Lithuania, born in 1988. 
My background:
Started dancing when I was 6 years old. When I was 13 years old I was placed 32nd out of 200 couples in the "German Open" dance competition.
Then I had a break and started again as an Amateur, after that went on to the Professional Devision. I competed at the Blackpool dance festival and reached the rising stars quater final.
I went on to compete in International style Latin and Standart, I have been both a finalist and winner of various international competitions all over the world.
I have been fortunate enough to be trained by some of the world's best masters, Marcus and Karen Hiltons, Andrew Sinkinson, Arunas Bizokas and Katusha Demidova, Tony and Amanda Dokmans was my main teachers and others great teachers.
 I have qualified as a dance teacher with the following: I.D.T.A.(International Dance Teachers Association) licentiate of the ballroom and latin faculty, and International adjudicator at the WDC ( World Dance Council).

My philosophy is to make dancing so enjoyable for my students, that they approach learning with great enthusiasm and confidence.
Whether you are a small child,or adult, a beginner or an experienced ballroom or latin dancer, I am really looking foreward to meeting you, and sharing my knowledge and love of dancing with you!